Despite soaring temperatures, hot coffee is still a winner at Bru

J July 2021

Although Britain has been basking in temperatures of thirty degrees plus this week, Bru coffee and gelato’s signature 100% speciality arabica coffee has still remained a firm favourite amongst its customers.

In the past seven days* sales of hot drinks at Bru, have remained remarkably high, accounting for 46% of total beverages sales across its six stores in Canada Water (London Docklands); Cardiff; Harrow (North West London), Leicester, Reading and Walthamstow (East London).

One school of thought is that drinking hot drinks in warm weather actually helps to cool the body down. This is based on the theory that ingesting a hot drink increases the likelihood of sweating, and the evaporation of sweat acts as a cooling method.†

Bru’s hot drinks offer extends to 20 flavours of leaf tea and indulgent hot chocolates. Its wide range of unrivalled cold and iced drinks have naturally also seen a surge in sales in the past few days.

Sales of Bru’s extensive range of gelato and hand-made vegan sorbets have also boomed, as would be expected in the hot weather.

Caramel Biscoff has come out on top as the most popular flavour, followed closely by Vanilla and then Banana which is made with real fruit. 

Aftab Gaffar, managing director of Bru said, “Although we have seen a ten per cent uplift in cold drink sales during this hot spell, our signature coffee remains as popular as ever. People come to Bru because our coffee is unique. We have our own freshly ground speciality blend made with 100% arabica beans with notes of caramel and chocolate.

“During lockdown, our stores remained open for takeaway and delivery only, and we had customers who drove an hour round trip every day to get their Bru coffee!

“Our customers return time after time – whatever the weather! Or maybe it is just proof that the urban myth ‘a hot drink cools you down,’ is true!”

Bru’s ‘all-weather’ menu caters for all seasons – come rain or shine – with cooling shakes, iced drinks and milkshakes to hot desserts, classic cakes and comfort food. It is available at and through delivery platforms such as Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats, on a nationwide basis.

Bru would also be keen to hear from any business people who might be interested in franchise opportunities. Visit for more information.